“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

– Carl Jung

Renée Stokes | LMFT

My Philosophy


I believe we are born whole and that it is through conditioning and often traumatic wounding that we forget this by becoming disconnected from our true Self. By collaborating and creating an environment where you feel safe and heard we can begin the journey and exploration into your thoughts, feelings and memories, including early programming connected to your nervous system. I utilize a variety of processes and tools from Mindfulness, Guided Imagery/Visualizations, Breathing Exercises, Movement/Dancing Mindfulness and Expressive Arts, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) to support a deepening awareness and healing and assist you in reclaiming your connection to yourself, ultimately resulting in a greater sense of freedom, authenticity and happiness in your daily life.


I offer a variety of options and tools for you to choose what feels right for you, while holding space and guiding the collaborative therapeutic experience. I do this while supporting your inner wisdom and innate ability to heal, particularly once you are provided the proper environment of support.  Consistently attending to the subtleties and illuminating areas of strength and resilience I encourage reflection, both individually and relationally, in order to support a shift towards greater self empowerment and deeper healing.  I strongly believe each of us hold the ability within to heal and return to a state of wholeness that is our birthright.

 “I strongly believe each of us

hold the ability within to heal and return to

a state of wholeness that is our birthright.”



I began my career at the Sexual Assault Crisis Agency (SACA) in 2006 in Long Beach, CA where I worked with survivors of sexual abuse and violence, who often also struggled with depression, anxiety, dissociation, addiction and codependency.  My passion for the intersection between trauma and addiction began at SACA and continued to grow as I expanded into county contracted positions, residential treatment and outpatient treatment facilities within the Los Angeles area.  I have worked with clients in various settings including treatment (both residential and outpatient), private practice, non-profit, school based and county contracted organizations, including court-mandated clients involved with the Juvenile Dependency Court and foster care.  I am sensitive to the complexity trauma brings to an individual’s life experience and I enjoy supporting my clients both individually and in a group setting.    


During my years of working in residential and outpatient treatment facilities I found, more often than not, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or traumatic wounding experiences to be at the core and heart of addiction. I began to realize how much is only starting to be researched, realized and understood about the effects of trauma on the brain, particularly when connected to addiction. It has been my experience that addressing and processing unhealed trauma is essential for symptom relief, deep healing and long-term recovery.  I have been working with this aspect and from this perspective ever since this realization.  By aligning and collaborating with my clients I have found it is possible to develop a safe space in order to process, create and initiate new resources in healing from traumatic experiences.  It is my life’s passion to assist others on their healing journey of returning to themselves.